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What is Phantom Vibration Syndrome?




If you have not heard of Phantom Vibration Syndrome, chances are you have experienced it. Phantom Vibration Syndrome is when you perceive vibrations from a device that is not actually vibrating, or even there.

Have you ever thought you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket but then realise that it is on the table? How about feeling it vibrate then discovering you have ZERO notifications? If so, you may have experienced Phantom Vibration Syndrome, and you are not alone. Studies show that nearly 90% of people will experience this phenomenon and it could be linked to phone dependency and anxiety issues.

Fortunately, most people claim that this phenomenon does not cause annoyance. The Computers in Human Behaviour Journal published research that suggests people allow their phone to become a part of their body. This is similar to when people forget they are wearing their glasses. Dr Robert Rosenberger claims that these phantom vibrations are nothing but learned bodily habits.

phone dependance

A separate study on Phantom Vibrations was conducted. This study used a sample of 290 undergraduates. 89% of these students claimed that they have experienced Phantom Vibration Syndrome. On average, the frequency of occurrence was every two weeks. This study revealed that the more dependent phone users were the most aggravated by PhantomVibration Syndrome.

Can You Cure Phantom Vibration Syndrome?

There is currently no known cure for Phantom Vibration Syndrome. This is due to a lack of research into the phenomenon. Existing research does show that phone dependency and learned behaviour could be the reason for Phantom Vibration Syndrome. This would suggest that becoming less dependant on device use could eliminate Phantom Vibration Syndrome. It is a phenomenon that has only become present in the last decade or so. Luckily, most of us only experience mild annoyance or none at all. If you have experienced this, you are in the majority and therefore completely normal in the eyes of modern society.

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