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Moss Sculptures Are Being Used to Fight Air Pollution (CityTree)





Air pollution has become a big problem in many places around the world. According to the World Health Organisation, a quarter of all lung cancer deaths are caused directly by ambient air pollution. Lower quality air can lead to a barrage of health problems and therefore must be tackled. Some of the most polluted cities in the world have more buildings than air purifying greenery, which is a problem for our health.

How Can Moss Prevent Air Pollution?

Trees are known to purify the air and emit oxygen. Studies show that moss is highly effective at purifying the air. This is because moss can absorb nitrogen dioxide and dust as well as various ozone gases in the air. Furthermore, moss can be used in a fight against air pollution.

Green City Solutions has created a product that uses moss to purify the air. They are a German startup with a mission to introduce clean air to polluted cities.


CityTree – Green City Solution

Green City Solutions invention is called the CityTree. It is a sculpture that features living walls of plants, lichens as well as mosses, which are attached to air vents. They claim that one CityTree sculpture has the same air purifying properties as 275 trees. Green City Solutions say that a CityTree can remove 240 metric tons of CO2 a year from our air.

The CEO of Green City Pollutions, Dénes Honus, said that polluted air is the cause of 1 in 7 deaths worldwide. This stresses the importance of the CityTree in the modern world.

The CityTree can also be used as a billboard to display text or imagery. It can also display digital data such as QR codes, NFC (Near field communications) or iBeacon.

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The CityTree has been installed in many major cities such as London, Paris, Glasgow, Brussels and Berlin. In addition to this, the CityTree does not require a gardener to water it. It relies on a reservoir designed to collect rainwater. The CityTree is also able to send data, therefore, allowing it to report back with the levels and types of air pollution present. Furthermore, the CityTree runs on solar energy and looks great. It is the hi-tech solution to fighting air pollution.

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