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The Reason Why You Should Avoid Connect Four in Thailand




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Connect Four is a harmless game that many of us knew from childhood.

For those who have never played it, you definitely have seen it. It is a two player game that consists of a board and coloured discs. The objective of the game is to literally connect four of the same coloured discs in a row. Each player has their own coloured discs. A player can only place one disc in at a time until they have made a joining line.

Connect Four

Connect Four in Thailand

Thailand is a popular tourist location which is known for its beautiful landscapes. In addition to this, you may find cheap alcohol, elephants and ladyboys in Thailand. Thailand has a party reputation and is also said to be a spiritual destination.

In some bars in Thailand, you will find the game of Connect Four. On the exterior, this game seems harmless, however, this is not the case.

The Connect Four Hustle

Local workers will often offer games of Connect Four. They will bet money on these games and target wealthy tourists. Connect Four in Thailand is nothing more than a scam. By playing, you are essentially throwing money away, as you have statistically a low chance of winning. This allows the locals to make large sums of money from unsuspecting tourists.


The locals will always play the first move in the centre of the board. This gives them a huge advantage for the remainder of the game. In this position, it is extremely difficult to lose. The locals know this and therefore exploit it. Not to mention, Connect Four is somewhat of a national sport in Thailand.

Many people will argue that they do not care they are at a loss. They would argue that it helps the locals and is harmless fun. In reality, this is simply not true. Local district chiefs say that these games have strong underground connections to “The foreign mafia”. It is mafia types that are exploiting people in Thailand.

The Thai Government Crackdown

Many locals playing Connect Four for money are illegally gambling. Thai police operations revealed there are serious problems linked to this form of illegal gambling. Undercover police have been deployed into bars to investigate illegal gambling. The authorities are making an effort to crack down on this in Thailand.

We advise against filling up the pockets of Connect Four hustlers.  On the plus side, more money means more beer time.

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