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About Ganbaru

Ganbaru Media is not your standard news network. We look at the world from an alien viewpoint. Unlike other news networks, we have no hidden agenda. We just tell it like it is. We make our observations and cover controversial topics from a real-life perspective. Journalism at its finest.


What does Ganbaru stand for?

The media have us in chains. Who can we trust anymore? At Ganbaru, our mission is to project the reality.

Ganbaru is a popular Japanese word, which roughly translates to staying determined through tough times. It can mean doing one’s best, but in practice, it means doing more than that.  It is an important concept in Japan, which we also adopt dearly.

No matter how hard the road, we will reach the destination. The destination being you. In front of your very eyes. If you are reading this, we have reached another milestone.Ganbaru News

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Ganbaru Media is a news network that covers controversial or unusual topics. We think, live and breathe outside of the box. If you have a story that would fit our website, we would love to hear from you. Simply get in contact with us on if you would like to contribute.